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Hi everyone, welcome to Classic Action Figures. This site is all about toys and figures that we share over the years, that can actually last for decades.

A Little about myself

Cloud Siah

Collecting classic action figures is my childhood dream. Remembering when I was about less than 12 years old, I would request to buy this buy that, and the store is full of my toys. At that time, my parents have only decent income, but they would try their best to fulfill my desire. One of the “must have” action figure was Transformers. At that time, my favorite action figure was G1 Optimus Prime.

Some of my toys would be action figures of that time. Like Marcross, Transformers, He-man, Superman, Golden Axe, Brave Star, Silver Hawk, and many others. These classic action figures came from cartoons, man-made video or even video games of our time. They are there to stay, because the concepts behind these cartoons are so original and unique. Yeah, probably you have been guessing, and you are right, I’m born in end of the 70’s.

Remember when I was in primary school, I would come back home about 6.30pm to catch the cartoon shows on TV for half an hour. My school is about 10 minutes walk from home, so usually I would walk fast or run back. If I came back early, I would buy some tidbits or ice-cream along the way, so that I can sit down, relax and eat while enjoying my beloved show.

Is been 30 years since, and those toys at that time is now my vintage collections. I would just placed it on the shelf that it would always remind me the childhood I’ve been through, instead of playing it like my toys as before. Some action figures are actually torn, and broken, but the main body parts are still intact.

I’m glad that i had enjoy my childhood as much as i want to be.

Why this website can help you

Over the years, some classic action figures are being forgotten by many people. People are busy pursuing their dreams, and forgotten the happiness and sense of connection with their “Once upon the time” action figures. Perhaps, this website can bring back some important memory for you. This is how i would want this website to be, i would carefully select actions figures base on my feel and connection with me, so that it would really mean great for you.

Why do I setup this website

I think it is very interesting to see our used to be toys converting to classic action figures after a long time.If you ever need a hand to find any action figure or have any questions, feel free to text me below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

If you ever need a hand to find any action figure or have any questions, feel free to text me below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Cloud Siah



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